Supply / Utility Vessels for sale

Supply/Utility vessels are all different types of OSVs (Offshore Supply Vessels). These include PSVs (Platform Supply Vessels), DSVs (Diving Support Vessels), MPSVs (Multi Purpose Supply Vessels) and SSVs (Straight Supply Vessels). A PSVs primary function is the transportation of cargoes and personnel to and from offshore installations. Newer vessels are fitted with either Class 1 or Class 2 dynamic positioning systems. DSVs are equipped with diving equipment and take part in the underwater maintenance and inspection of various offshore installations. DSVs are fitted with a moonpool from where not only conventional diving but also ROV(Remotely Operated Vehicle) operations can be launched. MPSVs perform a range of tasks including traditional support to offshore installations but can also launch ROV and diving operations when necessary. SSVs are used to transfer cargoes to offshore installations.

Supply / Utility Vessels for sale

TAG 22 – 97 NOR BLT/ 3115T DWT - DP2 PSV

Location: SEASIA

BLT 1997, NOR
M/E 2*2725BHP
USD 920,000
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